The New Frame Immersive Event

The New Frame

A day of innovative experience design

New York ,   New York

Experience hosted by Odyssey Works

Logo of Odyssey Works

Come experience the work of 14 trailblazing experience designers from across the United States, Canada, and the UK. The inaugural cohort of the Experience Design Certificate Program has spent the past year reimagining intimate connection, education, technology, community, and marketing. Through fourteen unique interactive projects spanning installation, performance, and games, you will be invited to step into wholly new ways of experiencing the world. Led by Odyssey Works, the internationally-acclaimed group which has expanded the notion of experience design and famously made performances for an audience of one for more than two decades, the artists and designers of The New Frame

Audience Role

Audience members can rove between booths from 14 different artists and designers. At each table, they can choose if and how they would like to engage as participants.

Content Advisories

  • Death of a friend/family member

  • Strong smells

  • Themes around racism

  • All ages

Interaction Advisories

  • Light (business/acquaintance) contact

Mobility Advisories

  • No mobility advisories

  • Event is wheelchair accessible.

Odyssey Works

Hosting immersive events on EI since June, 2020

Imagine waking up to find yourself immersed in a performance that is all about you. Since 2001, Odyssey Works has been creating immersive, durational experiences for an audience of one. Our team is made up of artists in dozens of disciplines who study the life of one individual and use whatever means necessary to create intimate, meaningful performances that last days, weeks, or months, and occur not on a stage but interwoven with the life of our audience of one. The experiences are transformative; most of our participants change jobs, move, make new commitments to loved ones shortly after their