The Nest Immersive Event

The Nest

Piece together the dramatic life of woman who's passed away by exploring her storage unit

Los Angeles ,   California

Experience hosted by Hatch Escapes

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Created by Scout Expedition Co. Presented by Hatch "...A DRAMATIC AND EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE THAT IS UTTERLY UNIQUE." -The Verge A woman named Josie has recently passed away, leaving behind a storage room filled with decades of collected memories and cryptic secrets. Remnants of her entire life are all here in one place - left for you to discover. As a young girl growing up in the 1960's, Josie was gifted a tape recorder and began documenting every part of her life. But in her old age, she has become almost unrecognizable, warped by the tragic events of her past. The Nest is an intimate, live experience

Audience Role

Once inside, guests explore the environment and make choices that affect the outcome of the experience. It's kind of like being a character in a movie or video game. There are

Content Advisories

  • Fog/haze

  • Moments of darkness

  • Strong smells

  • Themes around mental health

  • Death of a friend/family member

  • Tight and enclosed spaces

  • Discussion of miscarriage

  • 18 +

Interaction Advisories

  • No physical contact with performers

Mobility Advisories

  • Extended standing

  • Uneven terrain

  • Wear comfortable clothes

  • Crawling required

  • Event is not wheelchair accessible.

Hatch Escapes

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We believe that escape rooms represent a new and unique artistic medium. We believe that people are tired of digital experiences, of spending the whole day tethered to their phones and their computers. We love escape rooms because they're physical and analog, because they require communication and collaboration.