Nightmare Dollhouse Immersive Event

Nightmare Dollhouse

A theatrical immersive horror experience inspired by the weirdest and scariest roadside oddities

New York ,   New York

Enter a terrifying roadside attraction in the middle of nowhere called The Dollhouse, where history’s scariest dolls reside. At first it may seem like a serious museum, but beware, the demonic and bloodcurdling lurk around every corner. The dolls have come to life and want to make you one of them! Can you escape with your soul intact, or will you succumb to the evil in the Nightmare Dollhouse.

Audience Role

Some people may run because they are scared. Performers may guide audience members at times for their safety. Strobe lights are used.

Content Advisories

  • Blood/gore

  • Depictions of emotional abuse

  • Depictions of physical abuse

  • Moments of darkness

  • Simulated murder/homicide

  • Strong language

  • 13 +

Interaction Advisories

  • Light (business/acquaintance) contact

Mobility Advisories

  • Extended standing

  • Walking

  • Event is wheelchair accessible.

Psycho Clan and ETR Ventures

Hosting immersive events on EI since September, 2023

Psycho Clan is the artistic team behind the world renowned “Nightmare Haunted House” that has been running on the Lower East Side and elsewhere for 21 seasons. Additionally, they created and produced the recent immersive horror theater experiences The Dark House, I Can’t See and This is Real. They have also been asked to build Haunted experiences for Central Park in Bethesda Tunnel, Luna Park in Coney Island, and they even built a haunted house to introduce a new flavor of Pop Tart at the Kellogg’s store in Union Square. Psycho Clan has also produced the extreme Easter egg hunt “Full