Last Call Theatre Presents The Showroom Immersive Event

Last Call Theatre Presents The Showroom

An Immersive Mystery. Killer Deals. No Exit.

Los Angeles ,   California

Experience hosted by Last Call Theatre

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From the creators of Abandoned and Signals comes a new interactive experience set in the SCP Universe! You have become trapped in the infinite IKEA, aka SCP 3008, and unfortunately a murderer lurks among us. They look like us and appear to think like us, but they are not like us. They are the first observed instance of SCP-3008-3, and the humans do not know who is the imposter. Enter The Showroom and help Foundation members and other trapped civilians solve a murder mystery before the murderer claims their next victim. Who is human and who is an SCP in

Audience Role

You are yourself (or anyone who you choose to be), but you are now trapped in the Infinite IKEA. You've met a settlement of people who have been trapped in

Content Advisories

  • Discussions of sex/intimacy

  • Simulated murder/homicide

  • Drug use

  • 13 +

Interaction Advisories

  • Light (business/acquaintance) contact

Mobility Advisories

  • Walking

  • Event is not wheelchair accessible.

Last Call Theatre

Hosting immersive events on EI since May, 2022

About Last Call Theatre: Last Call Theatre is an LA-based immersive theatre company that specializes in creating highly interactive and engaging worlds for audiences to explore. Last Call productions give the audience the agency to affect the world around them, with every individual's choices having a lasting impact on the narrative. Audiences become a part of the story, making every performance unique. Last Call recently produced the winner of the 2023 LA Theatre Bites Best Immersive Theatre Show Award The Collective at the 2023 Hollywood Fringe Festival as well as The Showroom in Winter 2023, Abandoned in Fall 2022, and the Encore!