GAME OVER 1997 Immersive Event


An Interactive Murder Mystery

Brooklyn ,   New York

Experience hosted by The Fantasy Tavern

Logo of The Fantasy Tavern

Hang up the phone and plug in the dialup, cause "You've Got Mail!" You're invited to investigate the death of epic gamer, Chris Bacon, electrocuted while playing at his favorite arcade. The cops want to shut down Wonderville due to "safety concerns" and it's up to you to prove it was murder, not negligence, that fried Bacon. Turn up to save the arcade dressed in your 90's best! Interrogate six outrageous suspects, piece together incriminating AIM chats, and collab with fellow investigators to unmask the killer, bring them to justice and decide the ending! Proof of Vaccination Required. 21+

Audience Role

The audience play the investigators of the murder. They interrogate the actors, uncover clues, and ultimately decide who to blame for the murder.

Content Advisories

  • No content advisories

  • 21 +

Interaction Advisories

  • Light (business/acquaintance) contact

Mobility Advisories

  • No mobility advisories

  • Event is wheelchair accessible.

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